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Short urls that notify you when link buzz & more..

Short and customize your links and receive alert SMSs or emails when they start buzzing or when they are not responding.

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Create Bio pages
Jessica Doe
All my links are here..
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Enter page name & Creat a link for your bio

Create elegant and customizable pages where you can put all your links and social networks in one place and share them in your instgram bio or use them as a website

We have Features you won't find anywhere else


Customize the link Sharing preview

Change the appearance of your link preview when you share it on social networks like facebook, viber, twitter and more.

Change Image
Change Title
Change Description

Be informed when your link is down or does not respond

We check the availability and the good functioning of your link at each new visit and if there is a problem we alert you.

By email
On Dashboard

Use your own domain names and promote your brand.

Maintain and increase brand awareness and get more clicks and conversions with short links that reflect your reputation.

Unlimited Domains
Custom names
Add Password

Block undesired traffic with filters or a password.

Let only the visitors you want to have access to your link or page.

Block Countries
Block referrals
Add Password

Define multiple targets for your links

You can use a different destination link For each of your visitors' operating systems, Browsers or country

Target by country
Target by OS
Target by Browser

Integrate retargeting pixels into shortened links

Add retargeting pixels from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Unlimited pixels
10 platforms
Short links & pages



Deeply track each incoming visit to your links and pages.


We do not collect or share any private data about your visitors.

Short it.

Short and customize your link name as you like.


Customize your pages and the display of links.

Edit it.

Edit and modify your link or page at any time.


Intuitive and easy to use interface and navigation.

Pricing plans

Sing up
Max 50 links
Create 1 page
Customize links names.
Get started
Create unlimited short links.
Create unlimited pages.
50 SMS Alerts / Month
Unlimited email Alerts for Link Buzzing.
Add unlimited custom domains.
SMS Alerts for Link Buzzing.
Customize sharing preview on social networks.
Deep analytics (clicks, referrals, countries, os, browsers).
Multiple targets redirections links
Target by country.
Target by device OS.
Target by Browser type.
Protect links and pages with a password.
Down Link SMS Alerts.
Down Link email Alerts.
Customize links names.
Block referrals.
Block countries.
Unlimited pixels retargets.
Give secret link to edit a bio page for your customers
Track users with unique IP, No cookies, No GDPR


Answers to questions you may have
How link buzzing detection works?
We analyze the traffic of your link from the moment of its creation, and we establish records of visits and origins for each minute. After 24 hours from the creation of the link we start comparing the traffic and records with other periods, and we check the traffic evolution curve and if this curve evolves significantly we alert you

Remark : Buzz alerts are limited to one every 24 hours / per link
How Down link detection works?
At each new visit on your link we check its status with PING and GET requests and if it returns an error or a timeout we alert you.

Remark : alerts are limited to one every 12 hours / per link
What are the social networks for which I can change the look of my links?
The social networks currently supported are :
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Linkedin
  • Messenger
  • Slack
What are the devices or os for which I can add new destination?
The Devices os's supported are :
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Ios ( iphone )
  • Ios ( ipad )
  • Mac os